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Web Site Redesign Wakefield

Web Site Redesign

Do you have an existing web site? Maybe you need additional features adding or pages updating? If so what you need is some web site development.

Is your web site mobile responsive? If it isn't you are potentially missing out on 70 per cent of new customers who equally view web sites more frequently on mobile devices such as tablets as well as phones.

Web site development is not just about adding new content, it is about looking at your existing site and making sure it complies with current web site requirements.

Search engines are now using mobile ready design as a major ranking factor.

How are you viewing this web page? Are you viewing this on a desktop or are you using your phone or a tablet?

If your web site is not mobile responsive don't worry we can help. We are able to re develop your web site into a fully compliant mobile ready web site.

One of the major issues with web sites is page loading speed. This is equally important for all devices in areas with slow broadband.

How fast does your web site load? At home with a fast broadband connection your web site probably loads fine however, viewed on a mobile device it probably does not do so well.

Optimising your web site for page load speed is now a major ranking factor for search engines. Get it right and your customers will love you. If get it wrong they will be closing your web site before it has even started to load.

The removal of bloated web site code (in particular with web sites that have been built with templates), will decrease page loading time.

Web Site Development

Developing your web site the correct way will have the biggest impact on the success of your web site. Coding your web site to the very latest standards will not only keep the search engines happy but most importantly make your users experience a happy one. Happy users are more likely to return to a web site that functions correctly on their viewing platform.

No matter how great your content is on your web site, if it won’t view properly on all devices then no one is going to see it!

We develop all of our web site code with the ability to be easily up dated should standards change. This is not just about how the code is written but also down to how files are structured, how files are loaded, use of content delivery networks, use of file compression and a whole host of other backend tweaks.