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Responsive Web site Development

What Is Responsive Web Design?

Responsive web design is all about making sure your web site views correctly on devices of all sizes.

All modern web designs should be mobile responsive to accommodate desktops down to mobile phones.

The way we approach responsive web site design is to start with the smallest device first then ad features for tablets, laptops and then desktop screens.

This design approach allows our design team to create a user experience tailored for all users.

One of the often overlooked factors is page loading speed. What does this mean? Well everyone wants the internet to be instant don't they? I know we do. If you have a fast broadband connection you will probably never notice issues with slow websites. However how fast do you find your internet on your phone when you are not at home or work?

This is where page speed comes into the design process. Your web page is basically a file which can be made up of lots of other smaller files. The bigger the file the longer the page load time is. So if you have a video on your web site that loads great on your computer at home, but takes 15 seconds to load on your mobile device you may want to have a re think on which devices need to load that video file. This approach stops your potential customer from closing your web page because it is taking too long to load and going to a competitors web site that may load faster than yours.

There are many considerations to be taken into account with mobile web site development but we will take you through every step of the design process.

Why Do I Need A Responsive Web Site Design?

Having a responsive web site allows every user to view your web site’s content perfectly tailored for their viewing device. Because a responsive web site dynamically re sizes its content, pictures and functions display correctly on all devices.